Hanasaku Washi

Made in Japan seed paper

Hanasaku Washi, Made in Japan seed paper

Hanasaku Washi

Plantable Washi paper launched in 2022

Plantable “Hanasaku (blooming)” Washi Paper was developed in 2022, in collaboration with a Japanese Washi paper manufacturer with a 400-year history in Yamanashi, Japan.

It is made from 100% recycled paper from business and industry in Japan, naturally white without bleaching, handmade and naturally dried. Non-GMO flower seeds such as German Chamomile, Forget-me-not, Baby's-breath, and Viola are embedded in the paper.

A new series for 2023: Craft Washi paper

Craft Washi paper was developed with Imura Envelope Co., one of Japan’s top envelope manufacturers. This plantable craft paper is made of the byproducts of envelope production.

We are expanding our production capabilities by working closely with welfare stations in Nagano and Kanagawa, where disabled employees are making paper by hand, printing, die-cutting to finish seed paper products.

You will enjoy watching flowers grow after their use as paper products.

About "Hanasaku Washi"

100% Recycled Paper
Naturally white without bleaching, handmade and naturally dried
Non-GMO seeds
Hanasaku washi uses Non GMO and non-sanitized seeds.
User Participatiion Project
We collect waste paper from Japanese business and industry, produce seed paper products, and deliver back to the clients. 
Resource Recycling
From waste to blooming flowers, this is large-scale resource recycling at its most beautiful.


There are three types of Hanasaku Washi paper: White, Sakura (cherry blossom), and CraftGerman chamomile's tiny seeds are embedded in White and Sakura papers, which makes the paper smooth like Washi paper.  White has another choice: Bees Mix, which is a mix of Forget-me not, Baby's breath, and Viola, bees' favorite flowers.  Craft contains Viola only.

Paper color White
Sakura (cherry blossom)
Seed varieties German Chamomile
Bees Mix (Forget-me not, Baby's breath, Viola)
(Seed varieties may change depending on availability)

Germination rate / Date 75%
Chamomile (3- 5 days), Bees Mix (7 - 10 days), Viola (5 - 7 days)
Sheet size A3+
329 x 483mm
Printing / Production
Letterpress printing
Inkjet Printing
100 sheets minimum
500 pieces for finished products

Front: German Chamomile, Back: Bees Mix

Germinatiing Chamomile Germinatiing Chamomile
30 days 30 days
Chamomile flower Chamomile flower

User Participation Recycling Project

Hanasaku Washi Recycling Project uses office waste paper,
such as flyers, business cards from participating users to create seed paper

Resource Recycling Project

Office Waste Paper Becomes Seed Paper

Resource Recycling Project
  1. Seed paper made from paper waste from business and industry inside Japan
  2. 2000 business cards uses approximately 3 kg of waste paper. 
  3. User participation project
  4. They can grow flowers after enjoy watching flowers grow after their use as paper products
  5. Grow flowers in your environment. Seed paper is biodegradable
  6. The project meets 8, 12, 13 and 15 from the 17 goals of SDGs 
  7. Ask about types of used paper which can be recycled for seed paper

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